Saturday, January 16, 2010

happy birthday aaliyah.

Today Babygirl would've been 31. Every time I listen to her music I just remember how much I loved her and how much I miss her. She was like the sweetest person. R.I.P. Aaliyah....gone but never forgotten.

Friday, January 15, 2010

new alicia performance.

Yes, THIS is the Alicia I love and adore. I haven't been really feeling her first two singles but this song right here and "How it Feels to Fly" off her new album, "Element of Freedom" are simply amazing. And yes, I see you Mr. Jermaine Paul. If yall haven't heard his song "Airplane" you need to go download it ASAP.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

new sade.

FINALLY. THANK YOU SWEET JESUS FOR SADE. This video for "Solder of Love" is so....her. It's classic and she looks absolutely beautiful in the video. Hard to believe she's 50. She looks stunning and I love her.


Spring semester should be starting soon and I'm ready but something tells me my school is about to screw me over (as always). If it happens, I'll go into detail later. Currently updating the iPod...I swear I update this thing like every day and I'm on it wayy too much cause it's always dead. This thing is awesome though when I don't wanna get on my laptop but still wanna be on twitter haha! Umm...hopefully within the next couple of weeks, I'll be going back to get my third tattoo. And me and the bestie wanna get matching tats but neither one of us can think of what to get sooo it may not happen lol

OH! So I signed onto myspace for the first time in ages and who decides to hit me up? Captain Asshole. Yeah, I didn't know what to think. Well first thought was "holy does he want from my life?" I was pissed cause he's got some nerve after what he did but now I find myself looking back on our relationship just wondering where we went wrong. I want to forgive the things he did but I don't think I can. I mean, you can only hurt a person so many times. He meant so much to me but he clearly didn't know how to treat me. Getting over your first is HARD. The scariest part of all this is that I'm still not completely over him. Oh boy...bring on the drama.

Friday, January 8, 2010

random rant of the week

-Keyshia is pregnant and now engaged to her man, Daniel "Boobie" Gibson. Yes! Love them together <3

-Let me make this clear....when you hear me say "boo" that doesn't necessarily mean someone I'm talking to. It could be someone I'm attracted to or I'm cool with, male or female. I currently don't have a man in my life. Believe me, when I do, you guys will know. I can't seem to shut my mouth when I think love is on the horizon.

-I'm not looking forward to Valentine's Day. I know it's next month but still. And why you ask? Because as always, I don't have one. Well, let me not speak too soon. I have been getting a lot of male attention lately.

-Did anybody see Mariah giving that speech the other night? Homegirl was WASTED. Why did I love that?

-Some people should not be allowed to be on twitter. I know you're supposed to tell people what you're doing, but don't tweet stuff like "Damn, I just busted the biggest nut. BRB" I will surely unfollow your ass.

-Fantasia's new VH1 reality show "Fantasia For Real" premieres this Monday. Will you be watching?

-Tila Tequila needs to kill herself. Like...really. When she first came out, I liked her but now I've had it with her. The tweets about her fiancee's death, the whole Shawn Merrimen situation, her stripteases on ustream with her tampon string hanging out....all her acts of desperation fucking irk me.

-Got my Jordans. Don't know what kind lmao but I got a pair. Pictures coming soon.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

ladies, why do we hate each other??

Okay, so this has been bothering me. Not a day goes by where I don't hear a female hating on another girl because of what she has, what she does, who she's with, or how she looks. It's all over twitter, blogs, facebook...all that shit. I just don't understand why we always tear each other down. I'm not gonna front, I used to hate on chicks back in the day because I didn't have a lot and I wanted what they had. But now that I'm all grown up, I find it pointless. I'm happy with myself, my life and whatever I'm not happy with I'm gonna change it. I don't get why girls constantly another girl a "bitch" because she has on Prada heels and you don't.

Can't afford her clothes? Get a job and go buy them.
Shorty got the long hair, don't care? Buy some hair and get a weave.
She got a man and you don't? Go get one. There's someone for everyone.

I just can't stand all the hate in the world. It's 2010 and we still so hung up on petty shit. And then it gets so bad to the point where chicks are fighting, beating each other with bats, and killing each other. Like damn ma, it's never that serious.

laugh of the day.

I just found this video and it had me DYING. Them making fun of Wayne was funny but it was the Gudda Gudda shit that had me on the floor. This is hilarious. And that cartoon of Lil' Twist really does look like him lol